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HeliumOS v9-Alpha is available for download

A different approach

This alpha release of HeliumOS is different from the first alpha. KDE Plasma is replaced by GNOME and a Debian base by CentOS Stream. Most importantly, HeliumOS is a proper "immutable" distro. HeliumOS now uses bootc to manage updates to the base system delivered using OCI images.

Why HeliumOS?

Those wanting a leading-edge immutable Linux distribution may be better served by the Fedora Atomic Desktops. However each Fedora release has a lifecycle of only 13 months. HeliumOS intends to provide a more stable platform, one measured in years rather than months. CentOS Stream has a 5 year lifecycle, and thus HeliumOS will provide a minimum of 5 years of updates.


Users should be aware of the risks of using a new Linux distribution or Operating System: lack of community, bus factor, etc. bootc is a critical part of HeliumOS, and is currently in a "Technology Preview" state. Untill bootc reaches an appropriate level of maturity, HeliumOS will not be considered stable.


HeliumOS is seeking contributors; Testers, developers and designers are needed. CentOS Stream 10 is expected to be released within the next year, so it is possible for HeliumOS 10 to be the first stable release, ending HeliumOS 9 as a pre-release.


See Pre-Releases to download HeliumOS v9-Alpha

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